A-Wa and Jupiter & Okwess __ June 28th. Opening concert

Concert - Israel / Yemen / Congo

  • A-Wa and Jupiter & Okwess __ June 28th
  • A-Wa and Jupiter & Okwess __ June 28th
  • A-Wa and Jupiter & Okwess __ June 28th

Wednesday June 28th
8:30 pm  

Le Fil
20, Boulevard Thiers

Rates : 20€ - 15€

Standing place


How to stop dancing when you’re listening to Habib Galbi, the vivid and bewitching hit of A-Wa ? The three  Israeli-Yemeni sisters combine electro, hip-hop and traditional music, the whole sung in Arabic.

"They are between 26 and 32 years old , they are powerful and ingenious at the same time." France Inter

"In concert, A-Wa is a peace machine that shakes and brings the bodies together, and pushes back pretty much everything to the next day." Les Inrocks

The magic of A-Wa will operate at Le Fil on June 28th !


As a trance driver and an authentic tradi-modern alchemist, Jupiter Bokondki, propelled by his band Okwess International, is one of the iconic figures of the new Kinshasa music scene.

At a distance from the Congolese rumba, the band emerge as one of the greats of  the world scene of music to dance, laugh, sweat.

"Jupiter & Okwess transcend an unexplored Congolese heritage." FIP Radio

A-Wa crédit photo : Hassan Hajjaj.

Jupiter & Okwess crédit photo : Florent de la Tullaye.